Sport’s Spectacular Week August 24- 30th

Sports Spectacular Week

August 24th – August 30th

Take time to enjoy the beauty of Nature. The horseshoe crabs and turtles are on the march. Kayak and Canoe rental are available in the office. Kayaks and canoes go out from 9am-12pm and 1:00pm-4:00pm. $20.00/single, $30.00/double. You might even catch a glimpse of a fiddler crab or two!


Monday August 24th
10:00am Candy Bar Bingo at the Swashbuckler’s Hall, one candy bar per board, candy must be purchased in advance.
1:00pm Triathlon of Champions meet at the pool.
12-2pm Slushie Special in Queen Ann’s Galley, $1 Small.
3:00pm Volleyball Game, meet on the volleyball court.
8:30pm Hayride meet at the office.

Tuesday 25th
10:00am Sand Art at the Treasure Room (Fee).
1:00pm Around the World meet on the basketball court and try your luck.
3:00pm Dizzy Izzy Bat meet on the field for a spinning good time!
8:30pm Campfire “Free Marshmallows” meet behind playground. Bring your own stick.

Wednesday 26th
10:00am Ceramics at the Treasure Room (fee)
1:00pm Tug of War, meet on the field. All ages welcome!
1-3pm Milkshake Special in Queen Ann’s Galley. $2 Small Shake.
3:00pm Soccer Fun, meet on the field and practice your skills.
8:30pm Movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (PG-13) on the pool deck.
$1 Popcorn & $1 Soda in Queen Ann’s Galley during the movie.

Thursday 27th
10:00am Fingerprint Baseball Craft at the Treasure Room (fee)
1:00pm Coconut Bowling, meet on the field.
12-2pm Thirsty Thursday small soda $1.00
3:00pm Kan-Jam Game, meet on the field.
8:30pm Lollipop Flashlight Hunt meet at the office, bring your own flashlight.

Friday 28th
11:00am Poolside Bingo meet at the pool followed by…
1:00pm Big Ball Kickball, meet on the field.
4-6pm “Fryday” Bring your own potato to Queen Ann’s Galley and we will make butterfly fries (with a purchase of $5 or more)
3:00pm Freeze Tag meet in the field.
6:00pm Softball Game meet on the field.. Bring your own ball and bat or use one of ours.
8:30pm Hayride meet at the office. Join us for a fun filled ride around the campground.

Saturday 29th
8am – 11am Breakfast sandwiches at Queen Ann’s Galley $3.50 w/cheese $4.00
10:00am Ceramics at the Treasure Room (fee)
1:00pm Bobbing For Apples, meet on the field.
3:00pm Water Gun Tag (bring your own water gun), meet at the field.
4pm – 6pm 2 for 1 Hot Dogs in Queen Ann’s Galley, ‘Limited Quantities’.
7:00pm Sports Spectacular with DJ and games on the pool deck.

Sunday 30th
8am – 11am Breakfast sandwiches at Queen Ann’s Galley $3.50 w/cheese $4.00
10am Make Your Own Basketball Hoop(fee) meet at the Treasure Room.
1:00pm Nature Walk followed by an Ice Cream Eating Contest, meet at the Treasure Room.
2pm – 4pm Milk Shake special small shake $2.00
3:00pm Touch Football, meet on the field.
8:00pm Bingo at the Swashbuckler’s Hall

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