Enjoy a day kayaking out on the bay! A great way to get some exercise and a beautiful view of  the bay. You can go for miles in either directions. Take the family along on a day trip kayaking. Access to the bay is at the back of the campground at the Meadows. Remember, safety first, bring your life vest, put your cell phone in a zip lock bag, tell people you are going out and your intended location. Call the front office for more information and where to go.

Rental Rates:

  • Half day single $20.00/tax
  • Half day double $30.00/tax
  • Full day single $40.00/tax
  • Full day single $40.00/tax

Kayaks are launched at 9am and 1pm

Golf Cart Rentals

  • First day $55.00/tax
  • Second day $50.00/tax
  • Days three-six $45.00
  • Week $225.00

Bicycle Rentals

  • Hourly $10.00/tax
  • Daily $22.00/tax
  • Three days $37.00/tax
  • Weekly $49.00/tax

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