Enjoy a day kayaking out on the bay! A great way to get some exercise and a beautiful view of the bay. You can go for miles in either direction. Take the family along on a day trip kayaking. Access to the bay is at the back of the campground at the Meadows. Remember, safety first, wear your life vest, put your cell phone in a zip lock bag, tell people you are going out, and your intended location. Stop in the front office for more information and where to go.

If you want an easier way to maneuver around the campground, then you can rent a golf cart. If you book your golf cart in advance of your stay you receive a 10% discount.  To receive the discount the cart must be rented for the length of your stay and paid for in advance, otherwise, you can book it while here.  You must be 21 to drive the golf carts and have a valid driver’s license.

No outside golf carts are permitted.

Do you want to save some space while packing up?  Leave the bikes home and rent one here.

Rental Rates:

  • Half-day single $20.00/tax
  • Half-day double $30.00/tax
  • Full day single $40.00/tax
  • Full day single $40.00/tax

Kayaks are launched at 9 am and 1 pm


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