How to Plan for a Father and Son Camping Trip at Sea Pirate Campground

How to Plan for a Father and Son Camping Trip at Sea Pirate Campground

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Whether it is your first father, son camping trip, or your hundredth, bonding with your kid never gets old. Sharing stories of your childhood trips, reminiscing on the good times from previous excursions, and enjoying the great outdoors together inspires lifelong memories. Sharing the adventure of being in the wild is one of life’s greatest gifts. As the camping season is upon us, Sea Pirate Campground is the perfect place to head for a weekend bonding trip.

Before you even head to Sea Pirate Campground, consider what kind of experience you want to have. Do you want to pitch a tent, bring your RV or rent a cottage? Once you select one, head to the store, or the garage, with your son to pick out the essentials for a successful weekend! Whether you need some new gear or just want to show him what he needs, it will be a good time to discuss safety and fun before you are on the grounds. It will also allow you both to determine what activities you’re interested in doing.

As you arrive at the campgrounds, you will both take in the impressive acreage. Driving through, you will see all the fun activities Sea Pirate has to offer! No matter your age, Sea Pirate offers a multitude of kid and adult-friendly activities that incorporate the idea of work hard, play hard. Spend a day out on the water kayaking. Bond over learning the art of fishing and crabbing. Have him help you with setting up the campsite, building the fire, and making dinner. After a long but rewarding day, take a trip to the pool for a relaxing evening as the sun sets on a successful day.

Not only is there much to explore on the grounds but there is much to see in the area! Being only 8 miles down the road from Long Beach Island, you can go explore the wildlife trails, climb the jetty at the Barnegat Lighthouse, swim in the Atlantic, and explore all the dining and activities the island has to offer.

In the opposite direction lies Tuckerton Seaport, a working maritime village that has a museum, nature trail, and forests for exploration. Hop on a narrated boat tour or take a walking tour for another adventure to add to your weekend. Cast a line off the boardwalk and grab a bite at one of the many local shops for a fun afternoon excursion.

Sea Pirate is centrally located to offer you and your son the best weekend possible. From endless activities on the campground to exploration of the unknown, there will be so much to do and so little time. The memories and the desire to continue to explore will have you and your son coming back time and time again!

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