How to Get Started in Birding while Camping

How to Get Started in Birding while Camping
How to Get Started in Birding while Camping

When heading camping at Jersey shore, there are a ton of outdoor activities to partake in with friends and family. One, that many have never experienced, is birding. At Sea Pirate Campground, there is lots of wildlife to encounter. You may not even think you’re birding until you find yourself mesmerized by all the different species you see flitting to and fro. Often, visitors find themselves wondering what kind of birds they have seen, what is native to the area, and more about their species. 

Birding is a great way to learn about the animals native to the area as well as the environment you are camping in. It allows you to engage with vast amounts of species and learn something new to share with friends and family when you return home! Here are a few tips and tricks for how to prepare for your birding adventures:

  • Purchase a birding guide or book
  • Purchase a notebook to document your discoveries 
  • Check with the staff at Sea Pirate for information or local guides
  • Purchase binoculars 
  • Check out online resources to help take the guesswork out of identification
  • Download an app to help you identify the bird 

Once you are out in nature and exploring, use the journal you purchased to document observations such as

  • The size and shape of the bird
  • Any unique facial and beak characteristics
  • Distinctive coloring or beak features
  • The wing size and shape
  • The flight patterns
  • The habitat type

You’ll also want to note the location in which you saw the bird and its call! Birding is a fast-growing hobby amongst NJ campsites and campers. Jersey shore camping offers a unique opportunity to see birds native to sea towns as well as native to the surrounding protected lands. Sea Pirate Campground is the perfect place for families and friends to explore and partake in new adventures, making lasting memories for years to come!

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