Fourth Of July Week Activities


4th of July weekly events
June 29th- July 5th

Monday June 29th

10:00am Candy Bar Bingo at the Swashbuckler’s Hall, one candy bar per board, must be purchased in advance.
All day Slushie Special in Queen Ann’s Galley, small $1.00
1:00pm Kickball game meet at the ball field.
3:00pm Hula Hoop Contest meet at the field.
8:30pm Hayride meet at the office.

Tuesday June 30th
10:00am Create Your Own Patriotic Foam Rocket, meet at the Treasure Room (Fee).
1:00pm Red, White, and Blue Tag, meet on the field.
4pm $3.00 Hamburger Special w/cheese $3.50 in Queen Ann’s Galley
3:00pm Patriotic Sponge Brigade, meet at the field.
8:30pm Campfire “Free Marshmallows” meet behind playground. Bring your own stick.

Wednesday July 1st
10:00am Ceramics at the Treasure Room (fee)
12pm-2pm French Fry Special $2.00 w/ cheese $2.50
1:00pm Volleyball game meet on the volleyball court.
3:00pm Patriotic Relay Race, meet on the field.
Dusk Movie “Despicable Me” on the pool deck.

Thursday July 2nd
10:00am Decorate Your Own Doorhanger, at the Treasure Room (fee)
1:00pm Musical Towels meet on the field (bring your own towel)
3:00pm Red, White, and Blue Challenge, meet on the field.
6:00pm-9:00pm Light Up Sundaes in Queen Ann’s Galley $2.50
9:00pm Lollipop Flashlight Hunt meet at the office, bring your own flashlight.

Friday July 3rd
11:00am Poolside Bingo meet at the pool

1:00pm Egg Toss Contest, meet on the field.
3pm Ice Pop Eating Contest, meet on the field.
4-6pm “FryDay” Bring Your Own Potato to Queen Ann’s Galley and we will make butterfly fries (with a purchase of 5$ or more)
8:30pm Hayride meet at the office. Join us for a fun filled ride around the campground.

Saturday July 4th
8am – 11am Breakfast sandwiches at Queen Ann’s Galley $3.50 w/cheese $4.00.
10:00am Ceramics meet in the Treasure Room (fee).
1:00pm Bike Decorating Contest meet at Swashbuckler’s Hall, followed by Pots and Pans Parade to celebrate Independence Day (bring your own pots and pans).
2:00pm Chicken BBQ by the pool. Details in office (fee)
3pm Patriotic Ring Toss, meet at the field.
Dusk 4th of July Celebration and Fireworks at Tuckerton Seaport
10:00pm-11:00Pm Twilight madness sale in the store. Try your luck to see what percentage you will receive on selected merchandise.

Sunday July 5th
8am – 11am Breakfast sandwiches at Queen Ann’s Galley $3.50 w/cheese $4.00.
10am Create Your Own Handprint Flag, meet at the Treasure Room.
12:00pm-2:00pm Ice Cream Special (free toppings) in Queen’s Ann’s Galley $2.50.
1:00pm Ice Cream Eating Contest meet on the pool deck.
3:00pm Horseshoe Tournament
8:00pm Bingo at the Swashbuckler’s Hall.

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