Essential Fishing Supplies for Every Trip

Essential Fishing Supplies for Every Trip

Sea Pirate Campground Fishing

Father & Son Fishing Sea Pirate Campground

You and the kids have been counting down the days till your camping trip at Sea Pirate is finally here. As you have spent time planning, organizing, and packing, you all have discussed the fun activities you are going to partake in at the campground. Sea Pirate has some of the best Jersey shore camping there is and with that comes great outdoor adventures. 

As you eagerly pack your bags and consider what essentials to bring, you continually check off boxes on the list. The last thing you have to pack is your fishing supplies! When it comes to fishing, it is always better to be over-prepared. Plus, when adventuring with family and friends, someone is sure to forget an essential. 

Whether you’re out on the water or casting off the land, here are some of the items not to be left behind when heading to your favorite NJ campground:

  • Hats: Offering shade or a shield, no matter the elements, a hat will provide protection, rain or shine!
  • A change of clothes: Whether it’s sweat or you just get wet, a change of clothes will make the overall experience better. 
  • UV Protectant: From sunglasses to sunscreen to sun shirts, it is important to wear clothing and accessories that can withstand the strength of the sun. 
  • Waders: For the non-novice fisherman, venturing off shore can offer some great fishing but waders will definitely be needed if taking a dip.
  • Rods and reels: You should aim to pack for the kind of fish you plan to catch and conditions you could experience. Packing a primary rod, and a backup, will give you options based on the location and offer your friend an extra if they forget theirs. 
  • Tacklebox Packing several spools of line will accommodate for any snags that arise on your adventures. Be sure to bring extra sinkers, hooks, swivels and corks because a snapped line can leave you empty handed.  
  • Bait: If you have artificial bait, be sure to bring plenty but if you are purchasing live bait on the day of your excursion, be sure to come prepared with buckets and coolers.
  • Other essentials you may need: A fishing net for scooping your catch, pliers for removing hooks from fish mouths, knife and cutting board to filet your fish, ice chests to keep your catch fresh and a tape measure to confirm your keepers. 

Depending on where you plan to fish, Sea Pirate recommends utilizing a waterproof bag for keys, wallets, and phones, a first aid kit in case you venture off the campground and don’t have access to one, and insect repellent. NJ camping and fishing can be quite an adventure when surrounded by family and friends; don’t forget the camera to document the memories being made! 

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