Campfire Food, Friends & Family, Sharing Stories and Memories CHEERS!

Campfire Food, Friends & Family, Sharing Stories and Memories CHEERS!

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Gather around the campfire on a cool summer night, listen to the sounds of nature and breathe in the scent of the fire. Enjoy seeing the flames dance and light up the smiles on the faces of those you are with while you indulge in the tasty food being roasted over the fire. Of course, when it comes to a campfire, you can’t help but think about the foods you want to make, but more importantly, it is about coming together and creating an inviting feeling and priceless memories. It brings people together and allows you to share some wonderful times.

The first food to come to mind when it comes to campfires is s’mores! Take a walk with your friends and family, find the perfect stick to roast your marshmallow, and head back to camp. Check with your crew to make sure someone brought all the ingredients such as graham crackers and chocolate. While sitting around, roasting away, everyone can compare their ideas of the perfect s’mores – techniques, toppings, and everything in between whether they use graham crackers or whatever else as the sandwich!

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Next comes the hotdog. A campfire staple, the hot dog can be cooked many ways and can be a conversation point for your gang. Whether you roast the dog on a stick or on a grill over the fire, everyone has their own way of achieving the perfect meal. Maybe you never imagined cooking yours that way and it’s been what you’ve been looking for all along.

When it comes to camp fire food, everyone has their own tips and tricks to cooking. To complement your hotdog, try making some beans. One tip that your crew may know about is using the can the beans came in to cook them. It involves less cookware and more time for fun. The beans need to be stirred about every two minutes, so they don’t burn. Everyone can take turns doing this job, no one is left out of the fun. Everyone gets to partake in the creation of their meal!

It can be hard to decide on a snack everyone likes but most people can agree on nachos. They have a little bit of everything on top and everyone can add whatever they like to create an amazing snack for all to enjoy. Grab your cast iron skillet, sprinkle some tortilla chips, and have everyone gather around with their favorite ingredients to add. Not only will this result in a delicious snack, but it gives everyone something to talk about as they tell each other how their favorite ingredient is a must for nachos!

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Pass around the aluminum foil and have your crew create pouches to cook up their favorite treats. From burritos to French toast, the options are endless. Once your meals are cooked, everyone can unwrap and unveil their creation for all to admire.

Kabobs are a camping must. Anything that can be cooked on a stick is a staple in the campfire cookbook. This can be a fun and creative time for your family and friends. Not only can it lead to some great snacks, but it also is an activity. Play the games of seeing who can roast the strangest thing and have it taste the best or see what stays on the stick and what sadly slips away into the fire. A laugh is sure to be instore with kabobs.

Everyone has their own way in which they like corn prepared and their own way in which they like to enjoy it. Corn is not only a summer staple but also a great campfire treat. From cooking it in the can, to shucking it and putting it on a stick, to leaving it in the husk and roasting it, there are many ways it can be prepared. And when it comes to eating it, people like eating it straight off the cob, with butter or without butter, with seasoning or naked. Try a new way of eating this delicious side, what your friend may like may be just your taste too!

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The great thing about campfire cooking is how effortless it is with a little planning ahead. It can be fun to sit around the fire and share simple recipes. Learning a recipe from someone and teaching someone else inspires creativity in the outdoor kitchen. The trick? No fancy utensils or pots and pans needed. Invest in some aluminum pie tins and prepare your ingredients in advance. Once you get to the campfire, light it up, pop them on, and hang with the gang until your meal is warm and smelling delicious. No need to miss out on the fun by spending lots of time cooking.

No matter how you chose to cook your campfire treats, it’s not about how you do it but who you do it with. Nothing is more inviting then roasting snacks, feeling the wind rustle the grass, seeing it blow the smoke different directions, watching the kids chase lightening bugs at dusk, and of course sharing your campfire stories while creating new ones. The people that inspire you to try your favorite dish a new way, the family members who laugh when your marshmallow catches on fire, the friends who help create new experiences; that’s what makes a campfire so incredibly fun!

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