September 29th , 2018
Haunted Hayride Spot Application

Rules & Regulations
This form must be completed and emailed back to the office. The spots will be reserved on a first come, first serve
basis and is limited to 6 spots. Upon approval of your request of a spot, please be advised that we are depending on
you & your actors to enhance our haunted hayride production.

All spots are approximately 15’ x 20’ in size. Electric will be provided to each spot location. Participants may NOT use
a chainsaw-related theme. Alcohol is prohibited. A liability waiver must be completed & signed by all participants.
The Hayride begins approximately at 7pm. Set-up is permitted at any time during the week of September
23rd – September 28th between the hours of 9am and 5pm. All day set-up will be permitted the day of the hayride.

Prize: All participants will receive a prize for participating in our production.
A trophy & a $500 prize will be awarded to the BEST HAYRIDE SPOT/SKIT.
Voting ballots will be provided at the conclusion of each hayride.
Any questions: please contact info@sea-pirate.com, RE: Laura

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